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Hero Stories and More

Heroes are everyday people and we want to put together a book of yours. We wanted to do a kickstarter, taking commissions from you, to create something that is very personal to you. We want to draw the people you look up to and create a book, a poster, or a screensaver that will honor them.


We have read books that have random, inspiring short stories and this is the same thing. It will be your story. We want to hear your stories and place it in the book with a custom picture of the person you have chosen. We can do a caricature or a realistic drawing of them. We can only fit so many heroes in each book, so we will break them up in groups of 40. This will make them custom and limited to you. The books will be broken up into volumes and you will receive the one with your hero in it. If you want to collect the other volumes, we will have an option for that also. We wanted 5 Heroes to grace the front cover and we have created a tier for that. The book cover will be a limited tier. The tier limit will change as we reach more volumes.


 How it works  

You will email us the photo of the person you have chosen. It can be a photo you have or take it off of their social media. Send it to us and tell us what fictional character that you want them to be and we will draw them as that character. We also want to know why you have chose them. What is their story?